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Open House for the Teacher Training Programme, October 2018-December 2019, Thursday, September 13, 6:15pm. RSVP.

NEW! There is a non-academic option for those not intending to teach.

For more information contact Tama Soble, 416 944-0838,


Toronto’s Esther Myers Yoga Studio’s 750 Hour Teacher Training Programme provides training for

  • Yoga practitioners interested in becoming yoga instructors
  • Instructors who already teach and wish to upgrade their skills
  • Experienced students looking to deepen their practice and understanding

Our Yoga Teacher Training Programme offers practice in the poses and techniques of yoga, with a solid grounding in the organic and anatomical principles that underlie them.

Yoga teaching at the Studio is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli (1908-1999) and Esther Myers (1947-2004), and is based on three principles: breathing, gravity (our connection to the earth) and spinal elongation.

Our trainees and graduates have discovered 

  • Learning to apply these principles brings greater clarity, simplicity and depth to yoga practice and teaching
  • A two year programme allows the time necessary to learn, practise and integrate the complex array of skills required to be a teacher of the highest standard
  • Our approach is deeply reflective and student centred
  • The confidence to respond to and instruct each student individually and well.

We describe our approach as Thinking Body Yoga because it is based on an educational model that guides each practitioner toward an objective and subjective understanding of the body, the mind and their intrinsic connections.

Listen to what our yoga students say


For more information about Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto contact Tama, 416-944-0838.

Esther Myers Yoga Studio is a Registered Educational Institution. Students enrolled in the Teacher Training Programme will receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) which can be used when filing your personal income tax.

For additional information please contact us.

For over 35 years, Toronto’s Esther Myers Yoga Studio has provided yoga instruction and teacher training to students from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. Deep heartfelt thanks to Esther Myers (1947-2004) for the intelligent compassionate path of enquiry she blazed for us all.

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