All in-Studio classes are postponed for the time being. We will resume teaching in person as soon as possible.

We will expand the range of online classes, workshops, and Teacher Training all offered through Zoom. And we hope you continue to enjoy our pre-recorded Home Practice audios and videos

Please check this space for updates or send us an email if you have questions. Take good care and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Studio soon.

Esther Myers Yoga Studio offers yoga workshops in Toronto. Each workshop is unique and allows you to focus on a specific theme. Please register in advance.

Toronto Workshops at Esther Myers Yoga Studio

The Prayer for Peace: Shantipad...NEW! on Zoom

The Prayer for Peace: Shantipad…NEW! on Zoom

Sunday, January 24, with Ana Bodnar 
11:00am – 12:15pm ET, $25

Peace in ourselves, the natural world, peace for all  is our hope, is our goal. Shanti Mantras calm the mind of the reciter and environment around him/her. Reciting them is also believed to help remove obstacles for the task being started. This workshop will involve breathwork, guided meditation and a deep exploration of the meaning and practice of the mantra for peace, and how to incorporate it into your life. Knowledge of Sanskrit not required.

Open House for the Yoga Teacher Training Programme, Ongoing intake throughout 2021, on Zoom

Open House for the Yoga Teacher Training Programme, Ongoing intake throughout 2021, on Zoom

Wednesday, January 27, 7:00pm ET
Presentation on Zoom, RSVP to receive the link.

For those interested in becoming a yoga teacher, enhancing a previous training or simply expanding their own practice and knowledge. There is a new non-academic option for those not intending to teach. Please enquire.

Meet the faculty. Bring your questions. Everyone welcome!
Contact Tama Soble for more information or to make a private phone or Zoom appointment, if you prefer,

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A Day of Yoga in Support of Hospice Toronto on Zoom

Sunday, January 31, $70/full day, $50/two classes, $30/one class.
All fundraising proceeds to Hospice Toronto (

Join us for a day of yoga classes offering comfort, ease, and relaxation, helping to lead us away from anxiety and stress toward equilibrium and quiet reflection. Beginners to yoga and meditation are welcome – no experience is necessary. Please attend. (sliding scale available for those with financial constraints)

10:30am – 12:00pm ETYoga for Stressful Times, with Tama Soble
1:00pm – 2:30pm ETCare for Caregivers, with Monica Voss
3:00pm – 4:15pm ETIntroduction to Yoga Nidra Meditation, with John Campbell
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Exploring the Psoas on Zoom

Friday, February 5, with Tama Soble
1:00pm-3:00pm ET, $40, on Zoom

The psoas muscle is powerful and intelligent. It lies deep in the torso connecting spine, pelvis and legs. Understanding how to release, stretch and strengthen the psoas can help us to integrate and stabilize the entire physical body and free up the respiratory system. We will explore postures and breathing practices to deepen our awareness and understanding of the role of the psoas in a balanced, resilient and steady body and mind.

Kundalini Yoga for Mid-Winter on Zoom

Kundalini Yoga for Mid-Winter on Zoom

Sunday, February 7, with Paola di Paolo
11:00am-1:00pm ET, $40, on Zoom

As mid-winter is upon us and the earth is preparing to wake up to spring, Kundalini yoga practices help us connect to our own dormant energy and joy.  Join us and enhance your breathing and inner sense of energetic flow.   No prior Kundalini yoga experience is necessary.

Paola di Paolo

Paola di Paolo is certified through Esther Myers Yoga Studio and 3HO.  She teaches Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga.

Edward Brown

On the Spot: Sitting with Everything…New!

Sunday, February 14, with Edward Brown
11:00am-1:30pm ET on Zoom, $50, sliding scale available

Often meditation is presented as a way to feel better—to stress less, and somehow avoid all that is unpleasant. But what about sitting down and establishing your place in the Everything?  No longer ducking or dodging, fleeing or clamping down, you make yourself at home in your body, in this place, at this time. Accessing the full capacity of your body, mind, and spirit. Dreaming up how to live in the world of Today.  Come what may. 

Some instruction for you to try on and try out will be offered.  No guarantees in regard to results except that reality will unfold.  Only by showing up will you experience it.

Our session will include sitting with a bit of verbals, chi gong/movement, lecture plus time to visit.

Edward Brown began Zen practice in 1965...

Peter Blackaby

Sensation interpretation and response…NEW! on Zoom

Friday, February 19, with Peter Blackaby
1:00pm-3:00pm ET on Zoom, $45

Sensation informs us about the outer world, our physical selves and our inner experience. Our mind makes sense of these sensations based on prior experience and responds according to what it believes is happening. The mind’s interpretation of sensation can for various reasons misrepresent what is. This class will centre around our subjective responses and how accurate they are.

Pete Blackaby is a yoga teacher and osteopath based in Brighton, UK, and the author of the book, Intelligent Yoga. His outlook and approach encompass the complex relationship among things and the way perception influences everything. He has been a guest teacher at Esther Myers Yoga Studio for many years.

Mariko Tanabe

Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, with Mariko Tanabe on Zoom

A Body-Mind Centering® Approach
Saturday, February 20 – Sunday, February 21, 2021
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-4:30pm, ET
$250/full weekend, $125/day, $65/single session on Zoom

Body-Mind Centering® (BMCSM) is an experiential body/mind practice study based on anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. BMCSM utilizes movement, touch, voice, imagery, anatomical illustrations and discussion to explore each body system in ways that can be applied to personal and professional development.

For teachers and students at all levels of experience. CEU’s awarded through Yoga Alliance.

A Winter Day of Yoga on Zoom...NEW!

A Winter Day of Yoga on Zoom…NEW!

Sunday, March 7, with Monica Voss
10:30am-3:00pm ET, $60 suggested donation/full day, included in your unlimited at the Studio
morning only, 10:30am-12:30pm ET; afternoon only, 1:30pm-3:00pm ET

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” 

Join me indoors, at home, warm and cozy and let it snow, rain, sleet, freeze or storm. We’ll practise warming breaths, rolling movements, comforting stretches and postures, and drop deeply down into our body-cocoons with relaxation and meditation.


Yoga and the Vagus Nerve on Zoom

Sunday, March 14, with Shirley Roll
11:00am – 12:30pm ET, $30

The complexity of the human nervous system became more appreciated with the advent of the Polyvagal Theory. The “new” or “mammalian” branch of the vagus nerve distinguishes our nervous system from that of reptiles and, among other things, allows that part of our autonomic, or involuntary, nervous system to be accessed voluntarily. Countless references have been made in books, academic and clinical studies and internet posts over the past few years to the importance of toning the vagus nerve – while science can explain why this is so, many familiar yoga practices demonstrate how toning can be achieved and maintained. This workshop will explore the role yoga can play in optimal function of the nervous system.

Jyoti Jo Manuel

An Introduction to Yoga for Children with Special Needs

Friday, March 19, with Jyoti Jo Manuel
1:00pm-3:30pm ET, $55

Jyoti Jo Manuel is one of the leading pioneers of therapeutic yoga for children and young people with special and additional needs. She is the founder of Special Yoga whose mission is to deliver accessible and sustainable tools through a therapeutic yoga practice to enhance the potential in each child.  Special Yoga offers training in their methodology and approach which has shown success globally.

In this workshop Jyoti will share her experiences and offer some practical tools that you will be able to use with the children in your care. This session is open to parents/carers, educators, paediatric professionals as well as yoga teachers and yoga therapists.

Jyoti Manuel has been a serious practitioner of yoga since 1974…


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