Toronto Graduate Yoga Teacher Training

This is a one-year Independent Study Programme. Begin the mentored programme by July 1/2024. For more information, contact Monica Voss,

250-Hour Graduate Teacher Training Programme

Toronto’s Esther Myers Yoga Studio’s Graduate Teacher Training Programme is designed for yoga teachers who are interested in deepening their understanding of a chosen aspect of yoga or focusing on a particular student population through independent research and study.

Areas of interest may include, but are not limited to

  • asana and pranayama
  • special needs populations, including anxiety
  • hands on assisting
  • meditation

In addition to taking personal and internship classes, a graduate trainee will plan and teach classes and/or workshops for the population that they have chosen and incorporate the knowledge acquired from this teaching into a major research paper.

The time frame for the course is one full year. Begin the mentored programme by July 1/2024. Please see below for the course requirements and a partial list of rotating workshops at the Studio.

Prerequisites for the course are:

  • a certificate from a 500 hour Teacher Training Programme plus two years of teaching or
  • a certificate from the Esther Myers Yoga Studio 750 hour Teacher Training Programme plus one year of teaching

Our teaching is inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli (1908-1999) and Esther Myers (1947-2004), and is based on three principles: breathing, grounding (our connection to the earth), and the elongation of the spine.  Applying these principles will bring greater clarity, simplicity and depth to your practice and teaching. Our one year programme gives you the time necessary to practise and integrate your teaching skills for intermediate and advanced students as well as acquiring knowledge in a specialized area of yoga teaching. Our approach is deeply reflective and student centred. You will learn to respond to and teach each individual student. We refer to our approach as Thinking Body Yoga because it is based on an educational model that guides each practitioner toward an objective and subjective understanding of the body, the mind and their intrinsic connections.

This is a one-year Independent Study Programme, the latest date for beginning is July 1/2024.

Please call or write the Studio and direct your enquiry to Monica Voss,, 416 944 0838.

Esther Myers Yoga Studio is a Registered Educational Institution. Students enrolled in the Graduate Teacher Training Programme will receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) which can be used when filing your personal income tax.

Graduate Teacher Training Application

Our minimum requirements for admission are as follows:
  • 750 hours of Teacher Training plus 1 year of teaching OR
  • 500 hours of Teacher Training plus 2 years of teaching
  • Regular breathing/meditation practice
  • Regular asana/posture practice
  • Completed application form
  • Attendance at 3 classes (or the equivalent in workshops/intensives) at Esther Myers Yoga Studio with Monica Voss and/or Tama Soble prior to beginning the programme. These classes provide you and the faculty with an opportunity to determine whether this course is the right fit for you. Acceptance is conditional if the mandatory 3 classes are not completed before beginning classes and workshops.
  • Interview in person with a member of the Teacher Training faculty.

The following is an outline of our Graduate Teacher Training course requirements.

Daily Practice:

  • A 15-20 minute breathing practice 4 days/week
  • A 45-60 minute posture practice 4 days/week

On-going classes:

  • A weekly intermediate or advanced class for your personal development for a total of 40 hours.
  • A weekly intermediate or advanced class as an intern in which you observe for a total of 40 hours.

All Graduate Teacher Trainees must take the required classes and internship classes at the Studio with Teacher Training faculty (Monica Voss and Tama Soble). Please discuss the class schedule with the faculty before determining which classes to attend and make sure you document your attendance. Any number of extra classes can be taken thoughout the year with any instructor. The Studio offers a one-year unlimited class pass which is included in the cost of the course. You may attend up to 25 hours in workshops or retreats to complete personal and internship hours (there will be additional fees if retreats are used to complete basic personal and internship class requirements).

Graduate Teacher Trainees will choose a series of workshops that focus on the subject area of their choice. A minimum of 60 hours of workshops is required.  The workshops that are eligible to fulfill this requirement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with Tama Soble
  • Awakening the Spine with Monica Voss
  • The Power of Touch: Hands-On Assisting with Tama Soble
  • Yoga Retreats with Monica Voss and/or Tama Soble (April, July)
  • Empowering the Aging Body with Monica Voss and Tama Soble (October)

A research paper on an approved topic of your choice, 25 pages double spaced, is required. Primary research will be conducted by teaching a minimum of 8 classes (12 hours) to a specific population as part of the research.

Graduate Teacher Trainees will be required to teach a minimum of 50 hours of classes.  A minimum of 12 hours must be taught as part of the research for your major paper. Each class must be 1.5 hours in length or longer.

The faculty members assess each trainee on professionalism, including attitude toward learning and teaching, demeanour during internship classes, punctuality for all classes and workshops, and general appearance.

There is a subjective component in our assessment of your abilities.  Certification is not given automatically.  If the faculty has questions, doubts or concerns about a trainee’s competence, additional requirements may be set on a case by case basis.


There will be a progress assessment on a regular basis.

We are aware of time pressures. We want to work with you to help make the course work for you. You begin the course when you are ready. If you have not completed the requirements as of the regular graduation date (one year from when you begin), you will have six months extra to finish the programme. All requirements must be completed by the end of this six month period. The unlimited class pass, however, will expire one year from your start date.

The Graduate Teacher Training faculty reserves the right to adjust these requirements and costs at any time.  Reasonable notice will be given, and accommodation will be made, should changes result in hardship.

You will be given a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course outlining the number of hours per category, signed by two faculty members.

48 hours of workshops
40 hours of personal classes
40 hours of internship classes
40 hours of teaching
40 hours for the paper

We do not provide any type of written document for partial completion of the Graduate Teacher Training Programme.

Esther Myers Yoga Studio is a Registered Educational Institution. The 250 hour Graduate Teacher Training Programme will cost approximately $2,000.00 CDN plus HST (total $2260.00). This figure covers the cost of workshops, classes, intensives,  unlimited classes, meetings, and the review of your paper. The fees are paid in three installments.

Upon acceptance, a $500.00 deposit is required to secure your place.

Students enrolled in the Esther Myers Yoga Studio Graduate Teacher Training Programme will receive an official tuition fee receipt (T2202A) which can be used when filing your personal income tax. All fees for Graduate Teacher Training workshops, classes and intensives are included in the calculation.

Acceptance into programme  –  $500.00 deposit
Installment #1                     –  $750.00
Installment #2                     –  $750.00

Please note that each graduate trainee will begin the programme on their own schedule. Installment #1 will be due prior to beginning the training. Installment #2 will be due one month into the programme. All fees are non-refundable.

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