The faculty members assess each trainee on professionalism, including attitude toward learning and teaching, demeanour during internship classes, punctuality for all classes and workshops, and general appearance.

There is a subjective component in our assessment of your abilities.  Certification is not given automatically.  If the faculty has questions, doubts or concerns about a trainee’s competence, additional requirements may be set on a case by case basis.


There will be a progress assessment on a regular basis.

We are aware of time pressures. We want to work with you to help make the course work for you. You begin the course when you are ready. If you have not completed the requirements as of the regular graduation date (one year from when you begin), you will have six months extra to finish the programme. All requirements must be completed by the end of this six month period. The unlimited class pass, however, will expire one year from your start date.

The Graduate Teacher Training faculty reserves the right to adjust these requirements and costs at any time.  Reasonable notice will be given, and accommodation will be made, should changes result in hardship.

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