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Dear Tama,
The week at La Rosa was indeed wonderful, and thanks are definitely due to you – for choosing that amazing place, attracting the group of people, leading the great yoga sessions, and being the heart and soul of the whole experience. It was a truly restorative time for me, and one that I keep re-playing with pleasure in my mind. 


Thank you Tama for taking us to such an organic, beautiful, special spot to practice yoga. I feel so blessed to have experienced this with you. You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate all that you have shared with us.

Linda N

Dearest Tama…as I awoke this am in the glorious sunshine of Canada and started my yoga practice, tears of gratitude streamed down my cheeks. I don’t know where to begin to express my gratitude for you, your yoga teachings and this outstanding retreat in Southern Italy. La Rosa is such a special place of healing, rejuvenation and renewal and it will always be a place. I can put myself whenever these attributes are needed. 
Sending you light and love today and always,


Dear Tama,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the extraordinary retreat at Ghost Ranch! It exceeded all of our expectations and provided one of the best yoga, and travel experiences we have ever had!

The yoga was perfect and so helpful in preparing us for, and helping us recover from the wonderful hikes. We appreciate so much the care and skill that went into your excellent teaching.

Ghost Ranch, it’s hard to find words to describe this spectacular location with such beauty and history. It is so easy to understand why Georgia O’Keeffe loved it so much.

With love and thanks,

Jan Fleming and Dawn Lloyd

Dear Monica,

Your retreat at Mar de Jade was memorable for me. Your teaching, your presence and the movement of our spines echoed by the waves and our breath are indelible for me. It was truly the best Yoga Retreat I have ever attended. I’m now reading Awakening the Spine to reinforce it all.”


What a privilege it was to share the week at Mar De Jade with all of you.  There was joy, honesty, companionship….DANCING!…..and as always, the incomparable experience of a retreat with Monica.  The memories are indeed indelible.

Many thanks!


Thank YOU, Monica!

It was an incredible experience to immerse myself in your deep teaching surrounded by such beautiful, warm-hearted humans. Other than the yoga, I particularly loved the temezcal, the rich and authentic conversations, walking on the beach and, of course, the dancing!

Paige and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to reconnecting with you either in Toronto or on another adventure.

Abrazos y besos grande,

Kristin Dura

I had an amazing week (at La Rosa dei 4 Venti). I will never forget all the special excursions, the food, the country setting, and most of all spending time with you (Tama) and Monica. The yoga was special as always. I hope to see you soon.


Cyndy Menashy

Dear Monica,

I wanted to thank you for the lovely yoga retreat in Tobago that I just attended with my friend. I very much appreciate the obvious planning that you put into our sessions so that they really built on the previous sessions.

I very much enjoyed the lovely resort (Kariwak Village Hotel), and the beautiful island, as well as the yoga and my fellow participants.

I look forward to the possibility of taking your classes again in the future.

With warm regards,


Dear Tama,
So many thanks for facilitating such a splendid respite from our day-to-day lives. To have the privilege of living in a fairy land of Trulli shelters (at La Rose Dei 4 Venti, Italy), to have splendid food laid before us, always with an aesthetic inspiring photo opportunity. To be guided by you toward body and breath awareness enhancing our health and happiness, in all it was an experience to be relished and fondly remembered.

Love and respect,

Eveleen Armour

Hi Monica,

Thank you so much for a wonderful, magical (Tobago) holiday. I loved meeting all the friendly people, watching the little birds at the sugar bowls, and doing all that deep yoga in a very special setting.

It couldn’t have happened without your inspiring teaching and wonderful presence.

So again, many thanks.


Blissful is a perfect description of our week together. Special thanks to you Monica for the glorious yoga sessions, for your diligent organizing and for your gracious approach to, well, everything!!!

Jan Fleming


I just wanted to let you know how much I “enjoyed” the Swallow’s Bridge weekend.

“Enjoyed” is probably not the right word, as doing Yoga is not easy; it is a truly a “practice”, something that by definition requires some consistent effort.  But I am beginning, I think, to come around to “feeling” in my body, rather than just “knowing” in my head, that yoga can be good for me. It is not intuitive for me, as there is some distance between my mind and body, sometimes as if they are two entirely different things, and I think yoga might help me to bring the two closer together.

Michael Kanter

Thank you (Tama) for organizing the retreat at Ghost Ranch (New Mexico). It was a wonderful experience in so many ways… serene environment, breathtaking landscape, yoga classes twice a day led by a great teacher, lovely people in our group and at Ghost Ranch, opportunities to walk/hike, learn about the region, see what inspired Georgia O’Keefe… I haven’t felt so relaxed and at ease for quite a while. I still feel great.

I’m very glad that I was a participant on this journey.

Warm regards,

D. Lichtblau

Tama, thanks again for a wonderful retreat.  You are such a generous and skilled teacher and I value my time spent in your classes.  It was also a great group.  Lots of laughs and pondering together.


My images of La Rosa (Italy) are sweet– the wildflowers, the donkeys, cows and sheep and the soft greens of the landscapes.

I’m so glad I joined you. It was a very special week for me and I like to think it won’t be the last time. Tama, thanks so much for your generous teaching which always left me feeling so alive and well.

Sandra Campbell

“Yoga in Tobago” exceeded my wildest expectations of setting, teaching, yoga practice and friendship. I’m in serious Tobago withdrawal right now!  Many thanks to Monica and all of you for an unforgettable experience.

Jan F

The Tobago Retreat was a wonderful experience for all the senses, emotions and body.  I learnt so much from everyone, watching how the body moves naturally, your experiences in the postures and your questions.  Monica, you are a truly gifted teacher with infinite patience, can I kidnap you and bring you to France?

We are still here at Kariwak and I am doing my daily practice under the ajupa, hearing your voices and laughter, and seeing your faces.
Until next year, aurevoir.

Laraine Bridges

Monica I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend.  Your style of yoga is different to what I have been exposed to in the past but I really appreciate it.  I think sometimes our lives are go go go and it is so great to take a step back and practice a peaceful and relaxing form of yoga.  I really enjoyed your approach.
The location (Swallow’s Bridge) was also wonderful and the food was amazing.

Els Schaefer

It was a truly wonderful week.
Thank you all for sharing it with me and making it so much fun.
And thank you Monica for making it all possible and being such a kind, patient, encouraging teacher.
It was a fabulous combination of relaxation and challenge…that somehow never left me tired.
I’m amazed that I did 4 hours of yoga a day and loved it!


Tama, I wanted to write to thank you SO very much for such a great week (in Italy). Your (course) surpassed all my expectations and I thought it was simply fantastic – encouraging and inspiring. I have done yoga for so long but never before have I been quite so impressed by the teaching skill. Thank you for your wonderful support, patience and guidance. I feel so much stronger in every way and a lot of this is thanks to you.

Barbara Watt

This yoga retreat was a really good experience for me: walking in the forest, the morning meditation session, the relationship between mudra and pranayama. The beauty of the Scorpion pose and the transitional feeling from Wheel to standing were unforgettable. I feel lucky to be one of the participants.

The site is just gorgeous and the food is delicious.

Thank you very much.

Vivian Au-Yeung

I wanted to thank you for the yoga retreat last weekend. I am enormously grateful to have participated. As with the retreat last summer, I found the experience very life-giving. I find your teaching very restorative and affirming and because of that I end up being able to do things I never thought possible, like head stands and hand stands and just the general comfort level I experience increases.

The people who participate in your workshops are thoughtful, with a desire to live their lives to the fullest which takes a lot of commitment and courage. It is a privilege to spend a few days with such amazing people. Thanks for making that possible.

Christine Jamieson

Never would I thought of taking a trip to Iceland without your instigation/inspiration! And I am thrilled that I did it. What a marvelous landscape – the colours – strewn boulders, – greened with lichen and mosses, the dense blackness of the basalt sand, miles of indigo lupine, the icy blue of the icebergs – all elements of unknown terrains.

Thank you so much for your introduction to them!

Eveleen Armour

I experienced the landscape, history and people of Oaxaca and its envrions as a bountiful banquet which nourished, excited and inspired. The comfort and quiet of Casa Sagrada combined with Monica’s excellent daily yoga classes enabled me to absorb it all with deep pleasure and relaxation.

Sandra Campbell

Monica and Tama, I want to thank you once again for a wonderful week in Costa Rica at Luna Lodge and I wanted to share my memories with you.

As we approached the air strip in our 6 seater plane I remember the beautiful view. We disembarked our aircraft and as I stepped out, the Scarlet Macaus settled in the giant trees made their loud call. I thought, “What a warm welcome!”. Our vehicle drove up a long rugged road to Luna Lodge. Lana and her smiling staff greeted us with ice cold water,  just what we needed. I wandered up to my bungalow thinking, “This is paradise!”. Super-sized vegetation along with neighbours like lizards, monkeys, birds, butterflies and many more creatures to come.

Our yoga classes were perfectly planned, keeping in mind the heat and the climbing we did daily just getting to and from the yoga platform.

I remember the hike and cooling off under the waterfall. I remember the 14km hike and swimming in the river. Resting on rocks by the ocean and having a picnic lunch. Our guide Oscar and his knowledge of the terrain and all the animals.

Most of all, I remember how wonderful I felt with the two of you.

I didn’t keep a journal while I was at Luna Lodge, but I REMEMBER…

Cyndy Menashy

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