Which class is for me?

The nature of our approach is such that you will accumulate knowledge in every class you attend and be fully part of the learning process, even when you participate only on a drop-in basis. All of our teachers are accustomed to welcoming and integrating new students into their classes anytime. You will receive the instruction that you need as a new student in order to feel comfortable in the class.

All Levels

Yoga classes offered in person and online are ‘All Level’ classes, designed for learning or relearning the basic postures, stress relief, body and breath awareness, healthy movement, and enjoyment. The exercises are simple and repeated frequently and new poses and material is introduced gradually. Classes are personalized (as much as possible online) and safety issues are addressed. Sessions are 1.5 hours and are educational, meditative, positive and relaxing. Everyone is included, questions are welcomed, and participation is by choice, using one’s own best sense of what is comfortable and appropriate.

Unlike at most other yoga studios, all our classes are based on the same approach to hatha yoga. We don’t offer a variety of ‘styles’ of yoga. Every class includes relaxation, breathing practice, stretching, yoga postures and meditation. If the class or workshop has a title/theme, we mention that. 

Breathing Meditations

Take time just to breathe. These classes include basic breathing exercises (pranayama) and a variety of breath awareness, meditation techniques as well as mudras, bandhas, sense exploration, relaxation, Q&A and discussion.

Yoga for Anxiety

Practise and discuss asana and pranayama techniques to help manage anxiety. Learn to understand the basis for each exercise and how it re-energizes the natural relaxation response and moves body and mind toward health and balance.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a specialized approach involving rhythmic movement with breath, pranayamas, and mantra. This practice stimulates warmth and energy while leaving the body feeling grounded and refreshed. We offer classes and workshops in this methodology occasionally.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a Chinese exercise system which uses slow, repetitive and meditative physical movements ranging from simple to complex that work every tissue and system in the body. Qi Gong calms the mind and activates the energy and breath maintaining optimum health and over time may allow the body to recover from chronic illness. Sets usually include 5-10 moves. Modifications can be made to accommodate physical challenges. Donna Oliver offers regular Qi Gong classes and workshops at the Studio.

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