We’ll offer a range of classes, workshops, and Teacher Training and special events on Zoom in 2023 as well as teaching live in the Studio (14 participants). Practising online and in person is meaningful in different ways and we hope you’ll enjoy either or both. Thank you for your continuing support in these uncertain times. And we hope you use and enjoy our pre-recorded Home Practice audios and videos.

The Studio is open for in-person classes with online advanced bookings only. Registration is required. Sorry, we cannot accept drop-ins. Credit is available with 24 hours cancellation ONLY.

The wearing of masks while at the Studio is optional (masks will always be available should you require one). If you are unmasked, please maintain your distance from other students.

Please check this space for updates or send us an email if you have questions. Take good care – we look forward to welcoming you back to the Studio.

Our Workshops for Yoga Teachers delve into specific topics to enhance your teaching skills and personal practice. Each unique workshop is designed to expand your knowledge through yoga practice, meditation, reflection and discussion.  Topics include functional anatomy, hands on assisting, pre and post natal, philosophy, anxiety and depression. Many workshops are eligible for CEUs.

Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho, Bangkok

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Saturday, March 25, with John Campbell, 1:00pm-2:30pm, $30
at the Studio

Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that dates back to the time of the Upanishads. Today, yoga nidra is widely used both as  meditation and as a therapeutic tool for PTSD, other psychological trauma and distress. Yoga nidra is experiential and produces a state of deep relaxation, similar to sleep, in which we remain aware. From this place, we experience, notice and welcome the comings and goings of different aspects and layers of the self such as physical sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. In yoga nidra, we are given the opportunity to feel past all these fluctuations and rest in the unchanging, peaceful, welcoming ground of our being.

John Campbell

John Campbell has been practising yoga at Esther Myers Yoga Studio for over 35 years and is a graduate of the EMYS Teacher Training Programme.

Waiting for Spring: a day of yoga

Waiting for Spring: a day of yoga

Sunday, March 26, with Monica Voss, 10:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-3:00pm ET, $60/full day, $30/half day, included in your unlimited at the Studio, sliding scale available
on Zoom

Together, let’s ready ourselves for spring. We’ll prepare our mind garden with relaxation and visualization, pranayama and meditation; nourish roots with foot and leg stretches; begin to open shoulder and arm branches to the sunlight; and blossom with hopes and plans while freeing the spine. Our energy, like Nature’s yearly miracle, will return!

Behind the Gare St Lazare by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Experiencing ourselves in movement

Wednesday, April 12, with Peter Blackaby, 1:00pm-3:00pm ET, $45
on Zoom

Life is multi sensorial. A child held in the arms of a parent experiences a homogenous impression of the moment. If we walk in the woods something similar occurs – a gestalt, not a set of separate impressions. Movement is the same. When we move from one situation to another, there are many factors that make up the experience. Was it comfortable? Did we accelerate and decelerate the movements smoothly? Is our breathing free and easy? In the practice of yoga, we are interested in the whole perception of our movements with the intention of creating greater harmony and integration. These are the themes we will explore in this class.

Peter Blackaby

Pete Blackaby is a yoga teacher and osteopath based in Brighton, UK, and the author of the book, Intelligent Yoga. His outlook and approach encompass the complex relationship among things and the way perception influences everything.

fall leaves reflected in lake

Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Sunday, April 16, with Tama Soble
10:00am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:00pm ET, Full day/$85, Half day/$45.
on Zoom

Spend a full day exploring how asana, pranayama and meditation practices support the physical body, the nervous and respiratory systems, and the mind in returning to homeostasis. We will practise, write, and engage in discussion in order to reflect on how as teachers we might support those living with the challenges of anxiety and depression.

For yoga and meditation teachers, teachers in training and anyone studying and/or working in the mental health arena or interested in the topic material. 

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