Toronto Classes at Esther Myers Yoga Studio

FallFall Classes: Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Thursday, Dec. 21

Which yoga class is for me?
What can I expect in a class?
How do I register for a class?

Winter classes


5:30pm-6:45pmAll Levels YogaMar Jean OlsonPWYC
$10 minimum donation
(Sunday classes will not be held October 8, Thanksgiving Weekend)


10:00am-11:45amIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss
12:00pm-1:45pmBeginner/IntermediateMonica Voss
2:00pm-3:45pmGentle Beginner
(begins Sept. 18)
Shari Stein
5:00pm-6:00pmPrimordial (Hunyuan) Qigong
(Sept. 11 - Oct. 23)
Donna Oliver$966 wks
5:00pm-6:00pmHealing Qigong: 5 Element Palm, 6 Healing Sounds
(Oct. 30 - Dec. 4)
Donna Oliver$966 wks
6:15pm-8:00pmBeginnerTama Soble
8:15pm-10:00pmIntermediateTama Soble
(Monday classes will not be held October 9, Thanksgiving Weekend)


10:00am-12:00pmAdvancedMonica Voss
12:30pm-2:15pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
(begins Sept. 12)
Emma PrendergastNEW!
6:15pm-8:00pmIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss
8:15pm-9:30pmGood Night Yoga
(Oct. 10 - 31)
Monica Voss$804 wks


9:30am-10:45amGentle BeginnerTama Soble
11:00am-12:45pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
1:00pm-2:45pmIntermediateTama Soble
5:00pm-6:00pm Moving with Mudras
(Oct. 4 - 25)
Mar Jean Olson$644 wks
5:00pm-6:00pmPre Holiday Relaxation and Meditation
(Dec. 6 - 20)
Monica Voss$483 wks
6:15pm-8:00pmIntermediateMar Jean Olson


7:30am-8:30amMeditative Walking Outdoors
(Sept. 7 - 21)
Monica Vossby donation
donations will go to One City Scholarship Fund
8:00am-9:15amWake Up with Yoga!Mar Jean Olson
10:00am-12.00pmAdvancedTama Soble
12:30pm-2:15pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
4:45pm-6:00pmPre Natal Yoga
(Oct. 5 - 26)
Monica Voss$804 wks
4:45pm-6:00pmYoga for Bone Health
(Nov. 30 - Dec 14)
Shari Stein$603 wks
6:15pm-7:30pmYoga for Trauma
(Sept. 28 - Oct 19)
Janice Meilach$804 wks
6:15pm-7:30pmYoga for Anxiety
(Oct. 26 - Nov. 19)
Tama Soble$804 wks
7:45pm-9:00pmAll Levels Yoga
(begins Oct. 5)
Julia JuhasPWYC
$10 minimum donation


8:30am-9:45amBreathing MeditationsMonica Voss
8:30am-9:45amBody-Centred Tibetan Meditation
(Nov. 10 - Dec. 1)
Melanie Bonnell$804 wks
10:00am-11:45amBeginnerMonica Voss
12:30pm-2:00pmMELTing into movement
(Sept.15 - 29)
Fiona Griffiths*$65, $25/class3 wks
12:30pm-3:00pmFriday Intensives
(Oct. 13, Nov.10, Dec. 8)
Tama Soble$35/each
5:00pm-6:15pmYoga for Back CareMar Jean Olson
6:30pm-8:15pmIntermediateMar Jean Olson


9:00am-10:45amIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss
11:00am-12:45pmBeginner/IntermediateMonica Voss
1:00pm-2:15pmComplete BeginnerMonica Voss

Check the dates carefully, as not all classes are running for the full term.
Check the dates carefully, as not all classes are running for the full term.
The Studio will be closed for regular classes:
Sunday, October 8 – Monday, October 9 (Thanksgiving Weekend)
Friday, December 22 – Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Winter Classes begin on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Class Fees:

You are welcome to drop in or join ongoing classes at any time. All ongoing classes are paid with a card option with the exception of themed class series. Enrol in 2 or more class series for a 15% discount. Purchase two 20 class cards for a 15%  discount.

Class Cards

Card for any 3 classes for first-time students only (Valid for 3 months*) $35
Card for any 6 classes (Valid for 6 months*) $130
Card for any 10 classes (Valid for 1 year*) $210
Card for any 20 classes (Valid for 1 year*) $390
2 Cards for any 20 classes (Valid for 1 year*) $663.00
*from the date of first class attended

Unlimited Classes and Workshops:

Unlimited classes and workshops for 1 week for first-time students only $45*
Unlimited classes for 1 month $150
Unlimited classes and workshops for 1 month $235*
Unlimited workshops for 1 year $850*
Unlimited classes for 1 year $1,395
Unlimited classes and workshops for 1 year $1,950*
(*Retreats, Teacher Training and any visiting teachers’ weekends are extra.)

Class discounts: Seniors (65 years +) and Students 15% on class cards. Senior and Student discounts do not apply to Unlimited classes and workshops.

Private and semi-private instruction is available with Tama Soble or Monica Voss at $95/hour session. Please enquire.

The Studio cannot give refunds. There is a $50 charge on NSF cheques.[condition]

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