Toronto Classes at Esther Myers Yoga Studio

Spring Classes: April 2 – June 28, 2018

Summer Classes: July 3 – Aug. 18

Take unlimited classes, workshops, intensives and field trips during July & August for $295.

What can I expect in a class?
How do I register for a class?


5:30pm-6:45pmAll LevelsMar Jean OlsonPWYC
$10 minimum donation
(Sunday classes will not be held April 1, Easter Weekend, and May 20, Victoria Day Weekend)


10:00am-11:45amIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss
12:00pm-1:45pmBeginner/IntermediateMonica Voss
2:00pm-3:15pmGentle BeginnerShari Stein
5:00pm-6:00pmWuXing Qi Gong
(May 28 - June 18)
Donna Oliver$644 wks
6:15pm-8:00pmBeginnerTama Soble
8:15pm-10:00pmIntermediateTama Soble
(Monday classes will not be held May 21, Victoria Day Weekend and July 2, Canada Day Weekend)


10:00am-12:00pmAdvancedMonica Voss
12:30pm-2:15pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
begins April 10
Emma Prendergast
6:15pm-8:00pmIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss


9:30am-10:45amGentle BeginnerTama Soble
11:00am-12:45pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
1:00pm-2:45pmIntermediateTama Soble
6:15pm-8:00pmIntermediateMar Jean Olson


8:00am-9:15amWake up with Yoga!Mar Jean Olson
10:00am-12.00pmAdvancedTama Soble
12:30pm-2:15pmBeginner/IntermediateTama Soble
5:00pm-6:00pmYoga for the Lymphatic System
(May 31 - June 21)
Tama Soble$644 wks
6:15pm-7:30pmYoga for Anxiety
(May 31 - June 21, pre register)
Tama Soble$804 wks
7:45pm-9:00pmAll LevelsJulia JuhasPWYC


8:30am-9:45amBreathing MeditationsMonica Voss
8:30am-9:45amBody-Centred Tibetan Meditation
(June 1 - 22)
Melanie Bonnell$804 wks
10:00am-11:45amBeginnerMonica Voss
12:30pm-3:00pmFriday Intensives
(Apr. 6, May 4, June 8, July 20)
Tama Soble$35/each
5:00pm-6:15pmYoga for Back CareMar Jean Olson
6:30pm-8:15pmIntermediateMar Jean Olson
(Friday classes will not be held March 30, Easter Weekend and June 29, Canada Day Weekend.)


9:00am-10:45amIntermediate/AdvancedMonica Voss
11:00am-12:45pmBeginner/IntermediateMonica Voss
1:00pm-2:15pmComplete BeginnerMonica Voss
(Saturday classes will not be held June 30, Canada Day Weekend.)

Check the dates carefully, as not all classes are running for the full term.
The Studio will be closed for regular classes:

Friday, March 30 and Sunday, April 1 (Easter Weekend)
Sunday, May 20 – Monday, May 21 (Victoria Day Weekend)
Friday, June 29 – Monday, July 2 (Canada Day Weekend)

Summer Classes begin on Tuesday, July 3.

Class Fees

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