About Esther Myers Yoga Studio, Toronto

Student centred yoga

At Esther Myers Yoga Studio our approach to yoga is deeply reflective and student centred: yoga that is practised slowly, intelligently and safely with the guidance of highly trained teachers who have a thorough understanding of anatomy and natural movement potential.

As you explore, you will experience greater independence, pleasure and ease in the body, and the joy of discovering how you can move toward a healthy, relaxed and energetic state of body and mind by yourself, anytime, anywhere.

Experiencing dynamic ease and comfort

Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli (1908-1999) and Esther Myers (1947-2004), the deeply reflective style of hatha yoga taught at the Studio is both accessible and challenging. Each class highlights the profound connection between the breath, gravity, and spinal elongation. The core premise of the practice is that because we are always breathing, and gravity is always acting on the body, we can harness and utilize these powerful tools in order to mobilize and enliven the spine. In this way yoga can be practised safely and in a manner that is constantly unraveling tension, and allowing the body to experience freedom, dynamic ease and comfort.

Thinking Body Yoga

About Us

This conceptual approach to yoga postures promotes relaxation in the muscles, a spacious mobility in the joints of the body, and enhanced energy and vitality for practitioners of any age, physical condition, or level of fitness. We call our approach Thinking Body Yoga because it is based on each practitioner’s intelligent engagement with sound anatomical principles.  It is yoga that is joyful and safe, healthy and healing.

Many students come to the Studio looking to relieve stress, to alleviate physical discomfort, or to experience a quieter, more centered state of mind. These, as well as many others, are excellent reasons for beginning to study and practise yoga.

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