Themed Yoga Classes

Themed Classes explore unique topics through yoga, meditation, qi gong, and other creative offerings over a week, a few week period or a single class at our Studio in downtown Toronto. Please register in advance for these themed classes.

Silent Auction runs Thursday, September 12 – Sunday, September 22, 3:00pm.
Book Sale, September 22, 9:00am-3:00pm.

Themed Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga

Tuesdays, September 3 – 24 , with Monica Voss
8:15pm-9:30pm, $80/series of 4 classes, $23/class

Practising yoga during pregnancy nurtures you throughout this powerful transition. Our classes provide instruction, information, emotional support, and an opportunity to share your experience. The poses stretch and strengthen your body, creating space for your baby. Learn deep breathing techniques and enjoy guided relaxation as you prepare for giving birth and new parenthood.

Jean Sibelius

Meditative Walking Outdoors

Tuesdays, September 10 – 24, with Monica Voss
7:30am-8:30am, by donation/3 weeks

Let’s meet in the magical early morning and walk in Jean Sibelius Park on Brunswick Avenue, one block south of Dupont. Your donations will go to The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto our neighbour at 16 Spadina Road. (


Qi Gong class

The Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)

Mondays, September 16 – November 11, with Donna Oliver
5:00pm–6:00pm, $128, series of 8 classes, $20/class

There are many styles of this popular and well-known Qigong set, so even if you know one version, this one is likely different. Activate your energy and circulation, enhance the immune system and strengthen your internal organs with this ancient form of Qigong.

Friday Intensive

Friday Intensives

September 20, October 4, November 8, December 6, with Tama Soble
12:30pm-3:00pm, $35/class

Enjoy the pleasure of deepening your practice by taking time at the end of the week to unwind and revitalize. For students and teachers at every level.

Hand in Mudra against blue sky

6 Mudras Meditation

Sundays, September 22, 29, October 6, 20, with Ajna Samadhi
7:15pm – 8:30pm, PWYC, $10 minimum/class

This 4 week series will explore awakening and transformation. Classes will include breathing exercises, contemplative questions, lectures by Dhyan Vimal, somatic embodiment exercises led by Gregory Nye, group discussions and suggested contemplation meditations for the week.

Amounts over $10 will be donated to The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
Outdoor yoga, reaching to the sky

Yoga and Ravine Hike

Monday, September 23, with Tama Soble
9:00am-11:30am, PWYC

Take your yoga outdoors. Feel the ground underneath your feet and allow nature to enliven your practice. Please pack a water bottle and bring a yoga mat.
We will meet outside the Heath Street exit of the St. Clair West Subway Station at 8:45am.


Yoga for Shoulders

Move into ‘Shoulder’ Season…NEW!

A series in rediscovering mobility and freedom in the shoulder, neck and thorax

Tuesdays, October 1 – 29 with Julia Juhas
8:30am-9:45pm, $100/5 weeks

As we move into the colder months we tend inadvertently to raise the shoulders and squeeze into the upper body to keep ourselves warm. Unfortunately these actions can create tension which restricts blood flow. In this series we’ll explore movements to help increase circulation bringing awareness, release and energy to the shoulder, neck and thorax warming us up as we enter chillier weather.


Yoga for Anxiety Classes

Thursdays, October 3 – 24, with Tama Soble
6:15pm-7:30pm, $80/series of 4 classes, pre-registration required

Practise and discuss asana and pranayama techniques that you can use at home or at work to help manage anxiety. Understand the basis for each practice and how it helps re-awaken and re-energize the natural relaxation response moving you toward health and balance.

seated woman on yoga mat

Everyday Chanting for an Energized Day…NEW!

Sundays, October 6, November 17, December 15, with Jigna Fadia
4:15pm-5:15pm, PWYC, $10 minimum donation

Chanting is an integral part of Indian culture and daily chanting is a common practice used to enhance energy and mental focus. In this series we will explore the meaning of each of 14 chants and how they can support us in our daily lives, encouraging relaxation and vitality in body and mind.

Good Night Yoga

Good Night Yoga

Thursdays, October 10 – 31, with Julia Juhas
7:45pm-9:00pm, $80/series of 4 classes, $23/class

Practising relaxation, breathing and simple stretches late in the evening can help release tension accumulated over the day or week and result in a peaceful refreshing sleep. Join us for some good nights of yoga.

gentle inversion with legs up the wall

Yoga for Pain Management

Wednesdays, October 16 – November 6, with Kathy Felkai
4:45pm-6:00pm, $80/4weeks

These classes are designed for students living with chronic pain and for yoga teachers who would like to guide their students toward management and recovery.

We will explore gentle yoga postures and breathing exercises to help relieve pain, improve mobility, reduce anxiety, lift mood and rediscover the joy of movement.

Yoga for Trauma

Yoga for Trauma

Saturdays, November 2 – 23, with Janice Meilach
3:00pm-4:15pm, $80/series of 4 classes
 limited enrolment, pre-registration required

The effects of trauma can leave one feeling disconnected from and/or betrayed by the body.

Healing from trauma involves resetting the nervous system and becoming less reactive to your environment. This series of 4 trauma-sensitive classes will offer choices and emphasize self acceptance. You will learn to gradually reclaim your body through breathing, mindful movement and physical postures that can be practised in the safety of your own home.

statue's peaceful face

Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Tuesdays, November 5 – 26, with John Campbell
8:15pm-9:30pm, $80/4weeks

Yoga nidra is a meditation practice with roots reaching back to the time of the Upanishads. Today, Yoga Nidra is widely used both as a meditation practice and as a therapeutic tool for psychological trauma and distress. Yoga Nidra produces a state of deep relaxation similar to sleep, but in which we remain aware. From this place of stillness, we notice and welcome the comings and goings of different aspects and layers of the self. These aspects/layers (referred to as the “koshas”) include physical sensations in the body, the breath, feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and the sense of the self as separate. Each class in the series will touch on most, if not all, of the koshas; however, there will be an emphasis on a different kosha each week.

Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga for Bone Health

Thursdays, November 7 – 28, with Shari Stein
4:45pm-6:00pm, $80/series of 4 classes

From about age 30 onwards, our bones tend to become thinner as a natural result of getting older. Exciting new research shows that yoga is a very effective tool for offsetting some of the potentially negative consequences of this process. This series will focus on particular elements in yoga practice that empower us to maintain and build bone health. Balance, stability, range of movement and awareness will be emphasized, and written handouts summarizing relevant science provided.

dancer pose

Yoga for Healthy Joints

Tuesdays, November 12 – December 3, with Della Croteau
4:45pm-6:00pm , $80/series of 4 classes

Learn yoga postures to enhance ease, comfort and fluid movement through all joints of the body, especially those which are stiff and sore. We will concentrate on mobilizing joints where osteoarthritis tends to develop – hips, lower back, knees, fingers and wrists. We will discuss why movement is essential for both healthy and arthritic joints from medical and yoga perspectives. For students of all ages and at any level of practice.

hand position for Qi Gong

WuXing Qi Gong

Mondays, November 18 – December 9, with Donna Oliver
5:00pm–6:00pm, $64/series of 4 classes, $20/class

Wuxing Qigong is a beautifully flowing 5 movement set that energizes the five major organ systems via channel stretching so they can retain or regain optimal function. It is a short set, and can be practised daily for health maintenance or self healing.

Enrol in 2 or more short class series for a 15% discount. Call the Studio to register.

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