Themed Classes explore unique topics through yoga, meditation, qi gong, and other creative offerings over a week, a few week period or a single class at our Studio in downtown Toronto. Please register in advance for these themed classes.

Ongoing Classes

Themed Yoga Classes

Introduction to Inversions

Introduction to Inversions

Thursdays, May 9 – 30, with Monica Voss
6:15pm-7:30pm, $80/4 weeks, $23/class

Inversions are grounding, challenging, and releasing. Touching upon headstand, handstand, forearm balance and shoulder stand, we’ll focus on building our inverted postures from the ground up to stabilize, understand and enjoy the experience of being upside down. Bring your questions. Open to all!

Good Night Yoga

Good Night Yoga Class Series

Thursdays, May 9 – 30, with Monica Voss
7:45pm-9:00pm, $80/series of 4 classes, $23/class

Practising relaxation, breathing and simple stretches late in the evening can help release tension accumulated over the day or week and result in a peaceful refreshing sleep. Join us for some good nights of yoga.

Donna Oliver

5 Element Palm Qi Gong with Sounding

Mondays, May 13, 27, June 3, 10, 24, July 8, with Donna Oliver
5:00pm-6:00pm, $96 series of 6 classes, $20/class

This is an easy to learn form comprised of 5 separate repetitive movements linked together to balance the 5 internal organs, Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs and Kidneys. It was developed and implemented in China’s Qigong Hospitals to help patients restore the normal function of their organs. It only requires 15-20 minutes a day!

Prenatal Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga

Tuesdays, May 28 – June 11, with Monica Voss
4:45pm-6:00pm, $60/series of 3 classes, $23/class

Practising yoga during pregnancy nurtures you throughout this powerful transition. Our classes provide instruction, information, emotional support, and an opportunity to share your experience. The poses stretch and strengthen your body, creating space for your baby. Learn deep breathing techniques and enjoy guided relaxation as you prepare for giving birth and new parenthood.

Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga for Bone Health

Thursdays, May 30 – June 20, with Shari Stein
4:45pm-6:00pm, $80/series of 4 classes

From about age 30 onwards, our bones tend to become thinner as a natural result of getting older. Exciting new research shows that yoga is a very effective tool for offsetting some of the potentially negative consequences of this process. This series will focus on particular elements in yoga practice that empower us to maintain and build bone health. Balance, stability, range of movement and awareness will be emphasized, and written handouts summarizing relevant science provided.


Yoga for Anxiety Classes

Thursdays, June 6 – 27, with Tama Soble
6:15pm-7:30pm, $80/series of 4 classes, pre-registration required

Practise and discuss asana and pranayama techniques that you can use at home or at work to help manage anxiety. Understand the basis for each practice and how it helps re-awaken and re-energize the natural relaxation response moving you toward health and balance.

Friday Intensive

Friday Intensives

June 7, July 12 with Tama Soble
12:30pm-3:00pm, $35/class

Enjoy the pleasure of deepening your practice by taking time at the end of the week to unwind and revitalize. For students and teachers at every level.

Summer Solstice Yoga with Live Music

Summer Solstice Yoga with Live Music

Thursday, June 20, with Julia Juhas
8:00pm-9:30pm, $25

Rejuvenate your yoga practice with some live music. Relax, go deep and soak up the soothing sounds of an acoustic guitar and a singer’s voice as you ground, breathe and elongate the spine. Take your time, gently move and why not hum or sing along if you wish? Any song requests,  please email Julia directly at and she will do her best to accommodate.

woman in shoulder stand

Lymph Circulation ….NEW!

Tuesday July 2 – Friday July 5, with Mar Jean Olson
8:00am-9:15am, $80/week, $23/day

Join us in learning about our vital lymph system. We’ll focus on easy exercises for the flushing, drainage, and circulation of this open network which continually changes and is essential to our immune system.

Woman stretching in morning sunlight

Early Morning Intensive

Monday, July 8 – Friday, July 12, with Tama Soble
8:30am-9:45am, $100/week, $23/day

Begin your day by energizing your body and mind with an early morning yoga practice. Enjoy the pleasure of connecting to the breath, releasing the body deeply, and moving with freedom. Open to all levels.

dancer pose

Yoga for Healthy Joints

Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19, with Della Croteau
8:30am-9:45am, $100/week or $23/day

Learn yoga postures to enhance ease, comfort and fluid movement through all joints of the body, especially those which are stiff and sore. We will concentrate on mobilizing joints where osteoarthritis tends to develop – hips, lower back, knees, fingers and wrists. We will discuss why movement is essential for both healthy and arthritic joints from medical and yoga perspectives. For students of all ages and at any level of practice.

Yoga and Ravine Hike

Yoga and Ravine Hike

Monday, July 15, with Tama Soble
9:00am-11:30am, PWYC

Take your yoga outdoors. Feel the ground underneath your feet and allow nature to enliven your practice. Please pack a water bottle, and bring a yoga mat.
We will meet outside the Heath Street exit of the St. Clair West Subway Station at 8:45am.


sidebending Anteater in a tree

Freeing the Sides

Monday, July 22 – Friday, July 26, with Tama Soble
8:30am-9:45am, $100/week or $23/day

Side stretching and bending frees the spine, the ribcage and the breath, enhancing comfort and ease in the body. We will practise this often neglected movement pattern and take time to reflect on the experience.

baby singing at piano

Wake Up Singing..NEW!

Monday, July 29 – Friday, August 2, with Shirley Roll
8:30am-9:45am, $100/week or $23/day

Hone your listening skills, your spontaneity and your creativity in supportive and joyous vocal community! No formal vocal training necessary.

painting with coffee pot and fruit

Early Morning Breathing and Meditation

Tuesday, August 6 – Friday, August 9, with Monica Voss
8:30am-9:45am, $80/week, or $23/day

Take time just to breathe. This intensive includes basic breathing exercises (pranayama) as well as a variety of breath awareness, relaxation and meditation techniques. Everyone welcome.

A Summer's Day of Yoga

A Summer’s Day of Yoga

Sunday, August 11, with Monica Voss
10:30am–4:30pm, $108,
morning only: 10:30am-1:15pm, $65,
afternoon only: 2:30pm-4:30pm, $45

Take a day to celebrate breath, relaxation and natural movement as the sun glows and warms and the birds sing. Bring shiny summer freshness into your body and heart with yoga. Everyone welcome.

people walking on park trail

Unleash Your Summer Stride: A Hip Releasing Intensive

Monday, August 12 – Friday, August 16, with Julia Juhas
8:30am-9:45am, $100/week or $23/day

Summer is a great time to enjoy leisurely activities like hiking, running, tennis and walking the beach, and we want the knees, hip flexors and low back to cooperate. So don’t let lower body tension stop you from enjoying your outdoor summer fun. Let loose with this hip releasing series.  We’ll focus in and around the hip joints to alleviate low back pain, improve  range of motion, lengthen your stride and launch you into warm weather activities.

High Park Labyrinth walkers

Walking the High Park Labyrinth

Tuesday, August 13, with Monica Voss
10:30am-12:30pm, no charge

Walking a labyrinth increases focus and concentration. As we walk in contemplation, we pay more attention to our breathing and our thoughts and sometimes the less helpful thoughts decrease and by the end, the mind feels refreshed.

Those taking public transit will meet outside the High Park Subway Station (toward High Park Av.) at 10:30am and walk to the Labyrinth together. If you are travelling by car enter the park from Bloor Street West (not the Queensway) and follow the road to the Grenadier Restaurant parking lot. Let’s convene just outside the entrance to the Restaurant at 11:00am.


painting of comet in night sky by Paterson Ewen

Summer Evening Practice

Monday, August 19 – Thursday, August 22, with Monica Voss
6:15pm-8:00pm, $90/full workshop or $23/day

Enjoy an early evening practice of yoga postures, breath awareness, pranayama, relaxation and meditation as the light softens, the crickets chirp and we hold summer close for a few more weeks.

Enrol in 2 or more short class series for a 15% discount. Call the Studio to register.