When you arrive at our bright, spacious Studio, you will be invited to borrow any equipment that you need (yoga mat, bolster, blanket…) and to find a spot in the room to lie down and relax. As you rest back you may begin to enjoy the simple pleasure of taking time for yourself and the process of settling into the room and into your body.

Guided Relaxation

Students in savasana

Class usually begins with a guided relaxation. During this relaxation you will remain in svasana (a simple resting posture). The time taken to focus on relaxing the body and quieting the mind is an important element of yoga practice. Svasana acts as a bridge between the busy, often hectic lives we lead, and the more singular internal focus we cultivate during yoga practice.

Asana and Pranayama

The next portion of the class is devoted to both asana practice (the practice and experience of the postures) and pranayama (various breathing techniques that when integrated with the postures energize the body). The breath and the stabilizing force of gravity are employed as partners throughout the class in order to free the spine into its natural wavelike action. Depending on the level of the class, and the time of day, the focus of the postures may be restorative, invigorating, or both.

Concluding Relaxation

Classes conclude with a second focused relaxation. This allows students time to rest deeply once again, and to give their bodies the opportunity to integrate the physical experiences introduced throughout the class.

Safe exploration and discovery are encouraged

The classes at Esther Myers Yoga Studio are infused with a spirit of exploration and discovery. Students are encouraged to practise at their own pace. The teachers challenge and support each student, taking into consideration her or his individual energy, physical abilities and limitations. The faculty is open to questions, comments and requests from students both during and after class. This makes for a lively, inspiring atmosphere.

The Studio is committed to offering a supportive and safe atmosphere for the ongoing exploration of the ancient and evolving practice of yoga.

Esther Myers Yoga Teachers

All of the teachers at Esther Myers Yoga Studio are graduates of the Studio’s Teacher Training Programme. Therefore, they share a common methodology. In addition, each teacher is guided by personal expertise and interests. These range from the martial arts, and athletics to meditation, dance and other body/mind disciplines. This makes for a rich variety of approaches.

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