Cyndy Menashy

Monica and Tama, I want to thank you once again for a wonderful week in Costa Rica at Luna Lodge and I wanted to share my memories with you.

As we approached the air strip in our 6 seater plane I remember the beautiful view. We disembarked our aircraft and as I stepped out, the Scarlet Macaus settled in the giant trees made their loud call. I thought, “What a warm welcome!”. Our vehicle drove up a long rugged road to Luna Lodge. Lana and her smiling staff greeted us with ice cold water,  just what we needed. I wandered up to my bungalow thinking, “This is paradise!”. Super-sized vegetation along with neighbours like lizards, monkeys, birds, butterflies and many more creatures to come.

Our yoga classes were perfectly planned, keeping in mind the heat and the climbing we did daily just getting to and from the yoga platform.

I remember the hike and cooling off under the waterfall. I remember the 14km hike and swimming in the river. Resting on rocks by the ocean and having a picnic lunch. Our guide Oscar and his knowledge of the terrain and all the animals.

Most of all, I remember how wonderful I felt with the two of you.

I didn’t keep a journal while I was at Luna Lodge, but I REMEMBER…

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