Sarah Hunter

One day after attending many yoga classes with Monica Voss, I was in my studio working as a visual artist and I reached down to pick something up and suddenly much of what we had been talking about in yoga class made sense to me. I could feel my arm stretching out, I could feel the muscles, I could feel my legs as they bent to accommodate my posture. Everything I had been learning about yoga postures came together for me and I could connect them to my day to day activities at home.

A really great teacher instructs something that you may not understand in the moment but then you go out into your life and find yourself connecting with what you have learned.

I find this way of teaching leads to an open exploration of movement and body awareness. The grounding is so helpful in learning how to relax and truly move from a natural organic place. I like that you don’t have to hold postures rigidly but are able to experience and explore the poses for yourself and make them your own.

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