Michael Kanter

I would like to say how much I appreciate your teaching style, Tama (Soble).  It is likely not possible for one teacher’s style to work for everyone, but I must say that I find your style to be gentle and welcoming, with so much valuable information and a knowledge of the area that appears to be very deep. Your approach of providing detailed tools and options and having people find what works for them I find to be very appealing.  You offer things to folks without judging them and it makes me feel welcome. It also seemed to be working very well for people of different levels, which I would expect could be a challenge for a teacher.

I feel privileged to have had a teacher with such strong facilitation skills as you have.  While I don’t have too much experience with yoga, I have experience in different learning environments, and I don’t think I am over-stating things or being dramatic when I say that you are a gifted teacher.  Thank you for your guidance and leadership on this continuing journey.

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