I came because it seemed a good way to expand my physical universe…unwind, stretch my body, and feel better about myself. It makes me feel relaxed and energized at the same time! A combination of moods I previously would not have put together.
Slowly over the last few years my body has seemingly become stronger. The Studio encourages you to trust your body and your senses…and to listen to that small voice inside your head….something I hugely appreciate.
I love the accepting philosophy…the idea that there is no rigid right or wrong…
just something that may be right or wrong for your body at a specific period in time.

I also really appreciate that the focus is on movement….and keeping the body/spine fluid. I like the idea that we can unblock tension and become more at ease. It allows for the possibility of growth and development….physically and mentally.

That’s a wonderful feeling for someone getting older…instead of feeling less capable, or less limber,
I feel more able…and more willing to try new things!!

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