Lauren Anastasi

Lauren Anastasi

Hello, my name is Lauren. I’m 43 years old and I live in Hamilton with my husband and two young children.  I work for The City of Hamilton in Tourism and Culture and I lead walking meditation at The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.  I taught yoga for over a decade in Toronto prior to moving to Hamilton.  For a few years I volunteered with The Hamilton Shambhala Centre timing meditation sessions and facilitating discussions.   

While living in Toronto, I began practising at Esther Myers Yoga Studio because the classes felt like a gentle approach to moving and reconnecting with my body.  I felt I was learning so much about the way my body moves, the way the breath moves through my body and how to ground myself physically and mentally.  It was very different from other yoga classes I had attended.  The practice was very self-reflective and the instructions felt suggestive and fostered a curiosity and care for my body.

I was already teaching yoga when I began practising at Esther Myers Studio.  I noticed immediately that the practice felt like home in my body and I wanted to offer this experience in my classes.  I registered for the Esther Myers Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching at the Studio not too long after.  I especially loved teaching Full Moon Yoga with live music.  It was candle lit, explorative and had a very releasing and restorative flow to it.  I taught a Beginner/Intermediate class on Thursday nights and Yoga for Insomnia Pre-registered classes.  I very much miss the curious, intelligent and playful students I had in my classes at Esther Myers Yoga Studio. 

At EMYS the yoga instruction is based on an exploration of movement that is accessible to all bodies.  This is what I love about the practice. If my body can’t get into a pose, it doesn’t matter because there are other options for me and the pose isn’t the point. I can rest when I need to, I can linger, I can explore and all the while the teacher is leading us through a safe, educational and interesting practice.  There’s something for everyone here, all are welcome and can benefit from this approach.

When we first moved to Hamilton I really missed the yoga practice offered at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, the inspired and creative teachers and the kind and welcoming community who practise there.  I continue to attend retreats annually as they are always just what I need to help me ground myself and reconnect to my body. 

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