Haley Overland

Hayley Overland

I’m a mom of two in my forties. I work as a social media specialist and, in addition to yoga, enjoy painting, reading and playing with my dogs.

It’s a bit hazy exactly when I began practising at Esther Myers Yoga Studio. I am pretty sure it was around when I was pregnant with my first child, 16 years ago. I had tried many modalities of yoga before that (since I was a toddler, I like to say), and then decided to try EMYS because it was closer to where I live. I remember being surprised by how happy, alive and inspired I felt after every class. 

I continue because I keep learning so much and I love the community and because every practice still makes me happy after all these years.

In my daily life the practice helps me rest where I am, clear my mind, ease anxiety and take care of my body. As a parent it helps me stay present for my kids, grounded and compassionate, among other benefits. This also extends to all areas of my life. It has a massive impact.

This approach is so wide-ranging: joyful, free, magical, whimsical, philosophical, science-based, creative, inspired, wise, inclusive, poetic, respectful of traditions, eclectic, fun, chill, enlightening, practical (need I go on?). Every single person would benefit from this approach — especially really busy stressed-out people who can’t yet imagine what they’d gain from it.

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