The experience at Esther Myers Yoga Studio

Graig Moriarty

Graig finds that through the Teacher Training Programme, his level of mindfulness and mindful dialogue has been bumped up.

Sybil Wilkinson

Sybil says the teachers at the Studio guide the students to do the poses safely. The students are treated as individuals and as experts on their own bodies.

Teacher Training Programme

Students describe the Yoga Teacher Training Programme at Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto, Canada.

Linnea Thacker

As a musician, Linnea finds that each performer offers a different perspective, deepening the experience for the audience. At Esther Myers Yoga Studio it is similar in that the diversity of the teachers and the students really enrich the practice.

Emma Prendergast

Emma finds there is a strong community at the Studio. The simple yet deep approach, taught by well trained experienced teachers, allows each student to advance at their own pace.

Mark Wicken

Mark says the teachers at the Studio have a great deal of respect and concern for their students. The interaction between teachers and students makes the Studio very unique and promotes a strong sense of community.

Lauren Anastasi

Lauren says the yoga at the Studio allows every student to make the practice their own. There is time to explore what you are feeling and as a result, release long held tension in the body.

Graig Moriarty

Graig found that when he first came to the Studio, what moved him the most was the respect and integrity that the teachers brought to their students. Two years down the road, this is still true. The thoughtful use of language and modifications allows each individual to relax and ease into yoga.

Sandra Campbell

Sandra says she always leaves the Studio feeling transformed. The instructors are excellent. She calls the practice taught at the Studio “self-empowering yoga”.

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