Georgiana Beal

I began teacher training after I had been practising yoga for about 5 years. Tama and Monica encouraged me to enroll and it has been the best thing I have ever done for my body. I came to yoga rather late in life, just in the years before my retirement. Doing the training not only helped me to truly understand yoga practice, it also enabled me to pay attention to my body and to remain flexible despite the aging process. Teacher training and the subsequent teaching I am now doing also provided me with the discipline to practise daily, to learn new ways of doing poses, to develop ideas for stretching all areas of the body as well as improving flexibility and stamina for myself and my students.

The programme is solidly grounded in both theory and practice and is geared towards the needs and goals of the students. The Studio encourages disciplined innovation and is always on top of the latest research in the field.

Teacher training is a wonderful opportunity to enhance practice and develop a community of like minded practitioners. I would encourage anyone who is interested in deepening their practice or who wants to become a yoga teacher to do their training at Esther Myers Yoga Studio.

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