Empowering the Aging Body

“When I ran into some problems with my shoulder and neck a doctor advised against yoga. The osteoporosis clinic does not like yoga for people with this problem. Their blanket rejection was too extreme to my thinking. I decided that I would respect my actual limitation and continue to do as much as I could do safely. With so much to gain – strength, balance, and flexibility on the physical side as well as all the benefits of meditation – the sense of wellbeing far outweighs the risks every person has in regard to their own physical limitations.” anonymous student

“For those who have done yoga for 30, 40 years but are aging and for those who start in their 60’s, the approach at Esther Myers Yoga Studio is accessible and enjoyable.  That is why I joined at 65, did the Teacher Training and will continue for years to come.” Gail Funston

“Yoga makes sense to me and my body, the attention to physical detail was just what I needed and wanted. Your emphasis on the spine, the ground, and the breath is easy to remember and work towards.  The practice takes over my whole body and mind, and for the whole class I am safe.
Your unremitting kindness and gentleness and politeness, combined with the beauty and dedication of the place, make the classes feel like a spiritual practice in a spiritual place.”  anonymous student

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