Mary Walton-Ball

Mary Walton-Ball

I am a retired psychotherapist (2015) who enjoys singing in community choirs, playing the piano and walking and hiking in parks and conservation areas around Toronto.  I am also interested in alternative healing modalities which explore different approaches to wellness and emotional well-being for prevention of illness.

I began practising yoga in 1997 after a friend encouraged me to take a Friday night class at EMYS.  At first I was rather reluctant but by the third session I was hooked! For several years I attended weekly classes augmented with weekend retreats outside the city and an international retreat once per year. As I was still working as a psychotherapist, yoga helped me manage my stress and provided support for my aging body and psyche.

I continue my yoga practice several times per week and find a yearly membership allows me to participate in any class during the week or on the weekend.  I appreciate the community of like-minded persons whom I refer to as my yoga friends and the Studio as “my home away from home” which provides predictability and constancy in a reliable, welcoming setting.  Yoga gives structure and routine to my day-to-day life.  The classes are the first entry in my day timer each week.  I always look forward to practising with other “yoginis”!

EMYS offers an individualized approach to yoga where a relaxed practice at your own pace is encouraged.  The variety of teachers provides different approaches which all embrace the three basic principles of grounding, breathing and elongation of the spine.  They are very knowledgeable about the anatomy of the body and how the body works.  Their curiosity makes each class interesting, relaxed and not rigid.  Questions are welcomed and a home practice encouraged.

Everyone, all ages, men and women can benefit from the approach at EMYS.  Different levels of ability and flexibility are embraced in this welcoming, warm and loving environment.  I have been practising at the Studio for over twenty-three years and have enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to the next twenty-three.

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