Book: The Power of Touch: A Guide for Yoga Teachers

The Power of Touch, a Guide for Yoga TeachersOrder a copy  of  “The Power of Touch, A Guide for Yoga Teachers”.

This is a unique text with detailed information on hands-on assisting, pedagogy and philosophy, and the actual practice of the poses. For years we have taught workshops for teachers on the skills and concepts involved in incorporating hands-on assists into an intelligent teaching repertoire. “The Power of Touch” is the product of decades of research and in-studio experience. Black-and-white line drawings by Leah Gold have been included throughout.

We believe the manual will speak to and inform yoga teachers from any lineage.

Please contact the Studio to order.

“Monica and Tama are gifted and generous educators. They have a deep understanding and knowledge of yoga practice, human anatomy and hands-on learning.  My yoga journey has been profoundly enriched through their thoughtful guidance.”  Pam Bertrand


Monica_Tama.Soble_web_500X400“Touch is sometimes more direct and effective than verbal instruction. It is used as a technique in meditation and in daily life for awakening attention and communicating directly to the body / mind. In a yoga class, touch can circumvent the intellect, allowing precise and detailed information to be understood, integrated and remembered.

Relaxation is the key — both the student’s and the teacher’s. When students release and truly feel a hands-on assist, they experience more grounding and are able to let go of deeply held patterns of tension.

The purpose of this book is to support yoga teachers of every lineage and background to use their hands to communicate objectively and with confidence. The help of an experienced yoga instructor with clear intent can be invaluable, heightening a practitioner’s awareness of being alive in the body, comfortable, empowered and creative.”

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