Shelly Rowen

I spent many years as a graphic designer and started to take yoga classes to find relief from the hours spent sitting at an art board or computer. I really enjoyed the different classes I attended, but it wasn’t until I wandered into the Esther Myers Studio and began taking classes with Esther and the other teachers there, that the practice really started to make sense to me. Their approach to yoga was a really good match for me physically, emotionally and intellectually. 

I completed my teacher training at the Studio in 2003 and have been teaching yoga to people of all ages and abilities since then. I do my best to make my classes accessible for everybody, regardless of age, gender, body size, or fitness level. 

I continue to take classes and teacher’s workshops at the Studio, and have done additional training with Bo Forbes (Restorative Yoga as a Contemplative Practice), Peter Blackaby (Functional Movement), and Robin Rothenberg (The Essential Low Back Program).

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