Workshop in Vancouver, B.C., February 2019

Tama Soblewith Tama Soble




Strength Emerges from Ease

Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3, 2:00pm – 5:00pm
$130/weekend, $75.00/Saturday or Sunday

Learn how to release tension throughout the body and discover how moving efficiently and with ease enhances strength and stamina. We will explore a variety of yoga postures and breathing practices based on the approach to yoga initiated by Vanda Scaravelli. As we understand how to become more stable through our bones, our muscles contract, release and stretch when most appropriate. Movement becomes a pleasure, and we strengthen intelligently. An interactive conversation emerges that supports health and vitality in the body and mind. All are welcome. Attend one or both afternoons.

For more information contact: Esther  Myers Yoga Studio.
email, tel 416 944-0838

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Workshop Location:
The Path Yoga Centre, Suite 240
2083 Alma St, (Jericho Village @ W 4th)
Vancouver, BC, V6R 4N6
604 603-9370