Voice to Text…NEW!

Soundsuit by Nick Cave

Fridays, November 5 and December 3, with Gerry Trentham, 1:00pm-3:00pm ET: $70/2 weeks, $40/day
on Zoom

Open up your capacity for the spoken word. This workshop will help you find the breath support for your voice and translate that into how and what you wish to speak. Everyone faces situations when they feel silenced and have difficulty voicing their perspective. Discover some new tools to support you in those moments when it is vital to find your voice. 
Image: Soundscape by Nick Cave

With 20 years as faculty of the internationally acclaimed National Voice Intensive and six years with Denise Fujiwara in their new frontier of training, Butoh/Voice, Gerry Trentham now is a co-founder and faculty of the Moving Voice Institute…

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