Unglue from the screen and Unwind your body

unwind with yoga

Saturday, March 12, with Tama Soble, Della Croteau, Monica Voss, Mar Jean Olson, Julia Juhas, 1:00pm-5:45pm ET, $60 whole event, $15/session
on Zoom

Spend an afternoon devoted to undoing the effects of too much screen time, on Zoom. We will assist you in addressing physical tension, mental stress and fatigue so simply and easily, you won’t have to watch. Please rest on the ground, recline or sit comfortably, eyes closed or gazing outdoors and allow us to provide helpful voiceovers.

Please note the schedule below and attend one session, a few, or the whole series.

1:00pm-1:45pmTama SobleShoulders, Arms and Hands
2:00pm-2:45pmDella CroteauTech Neck
3:00pm-3:45pmMonica VossFace, Jaw and Breathing
4:00pm-4:45pmMar Jean OlsonEyes
5:00pm-5:45pmJulia JuhasLow back and Hip Joints

This is a charitable event with net proceeds donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank, https://www.dailybread.ca/.

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