The Planes of Awareness, with Monica Voss on Zoom

Sunday, January 31
11:00am-2:00pm GMT, on Zoom, £32

Three main anatomical planes, or divisions, are used by artists in
life renderings of the body, by architects as a way of communicating
form and stability, and knowledge of planes gives a performer a guide
to precise alignment. But these hypothetical lines may provide a more
deeply coloured, open-ended focus for movement and meditation than
they first suggest.

We are already aware of the top and bottom of the body, the left and
right, front and back in daily life. Join me and explore the sagittal,
coronal and transverse planes and while consciously and deliberately
applying them to relaxation and breathing, proprioception, stretching
and yoga postures, discover how delightful and rich they are as
experiential concepts.

For more information or to register, please contact Julie Potter at Yoga for Harmony.

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