On the Spot: Sitting with Everything…New!

Edward Brown

Sunday, February 14, with Edward Brown
11:00am-1:30pm ET on Zoom, $50, sliding scale available

Often meditation is presented as a way to feel better—to stress less, and somehow avoid all that is unpleasant. But what about sitting down and establishing your place in the Everything?  No longer ducking or dodging, fleeing or clamping down, you make yourself at home in your body, in this place, at this time. Accessing the full capacity of your body, mind, and spirit. Dreaming up how to live in the world of Today.  Come what may. 

Some instruction for you to try on and try out will be offered.  No guarantees in regard to results except that reality will unfold.  Only by showing up will you experience it.

Our session will include sitting with a bit of verbals, chi gong/movement, lecture plus time to visit.

Edward Brown began Zen practice in 1965...

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