Seeing Things as It Is…NEW!

Edward Brown

Saturday, December 11, with Edward Brown, 1:00pm-3:30pm ET, $50, sliding scale available
on Zoom

“To hit the mark is to realize on the spot that you are a Sacred
Being without changing anything about your body or your mind.”
 –old Zen saying

“Seeing things as it is,” was one of my Zen teacher Suzuki Roshi’s favorite expressions. For a while we thought, does he not know English? Soon enough we realized that he was describing the two ways we have of experiencing reality: the phenomenal world of things and the Sacred world of oneness: it is or just this are two colloquial Zen expressions for this world where things cannot be found yet there they are. We may prepare beautiful food—then in the stomach no thing can be identified.

His teaching was to live in both these worlds, studying how to work with things and also how to trust in the reality of oneness which unfolds beyond human agency. In the world of things we may have a sense of independence or freedom, while in the world of oneness we are mutually interdependent with everything—as moment after moment arises beyond our choosing.

So, “to see things as it is,” implicitly underscores a profound well of trust in the inherent coherency of the Sacred—from time to time at least—nothing to be fixed, corrected, perfected.

For our time together we’ll aim to sit in this Great Space, do some chi gung, talk, and visit, while looking into this “seeing things as it is.”

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