Reflexology for Ears and Hands – to calm and comfort the whole body

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Saturday, November 6, with Shelly Faber, 1:00pm-2:00pm ET, $20
on Zoom

This introductory workshop in Hands and Ears Reflexology will describe the modality and how it affects the body. There will be careful instructions on how to work on one’s ears and hands or someone else’s. Reflexology addresses physical tension and is known to help alleviate mental stress and calm and settle the breathing.

All are welcome, however if you are pregnant or have an uncontrolled medical issue such as cancer or hypertension, please sit this one out unless you have a partner you’d like to practise on, or a general interest in Reflexology.

We will sit on a mat on the floor or on a couch or a chair (a chair without arms is preferable). Please have a pillow or blanket and a hand mirror close by, make sure you are warm and comfortable and have some water to drink.

Shelly Faber

Shelly Faber’s career as a Body worker, goes back over 40 years…

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