New Year’s Day Practice 2023: Nothing to do, nowhere to go

cat sitting on the back of a chair

Sunday, January 1, 2023, with Kaori Furue, 11:00am-1:00pm ET, $25
on Zoom

Once the hectic, and sometimes stressful, holidays are over, please join us for a leisurely two-hour practice where we will put our feet up both literally and figuratively. This practice seeks to replenish any energy that you may have lost to the busyness of the season. We will slow down and explore supportive postures that are comfortable enough to rest in for a while, as well as some soothing self-massage, tapping, and guided meditation. 

Some things to bring to enhance your comfort, if desired: 

  • Blanket(s) 
  • Cushion(s)/bolster(s) 
  • Eye pillow 
  • Belt or strap 
  • Warm socks 

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