The Perfection of Imperfect Mothering…NEW!

Edward Brown

Sunday, May 9, with Edward Brown
11:00am-1:30pm ET on Zoom, $50, sliding scale available

Curiously, regardless of the nature of mothering that we received growing up – good, bad, or indifferent – we all know implicitly what ideal mothering is. We know it in our bones, our marrow, our blood, our heart, so that when we are held with reverence, received attentively, greeted warmly, we feel seen, valued, and appreciated – sensing mothering. Our hearts blossom.  

We are held in a matrix of love that does not shame, belittle, or blame, but sees our capacity for growth, resilience, and strength in the face of challenges, mistakes, and setbacks. We are offered a template for how to structure our awareness to receive our experience and hold it with love – rather than correcting or fixing – bringing out the goodness implicit in every object.

Curiously as well, we often think that we will receive this genuine mothering, once we behave well enough. When really, much more realistically, we could go ahead and begin offering it to ourselves.  And others! And the world! We could practise the mothering we may not have had that we always wanted. We mother – as best as we can. 

A workshop for honouring mothers and the practice of mothering with some silent sitting, a bit of stretching, some speaking, and some conversation.

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