Exploring your nervous system on Zoom

drawing by Sandie Collins

Sunday, April 25, with Tara Detwiler
11:00am-12:30pm ET, $30, drawing courtesy of Sandie Collins

When our nervous system works well, we can move between states of activity, rest, excitement or feeling safe and connected when in the company of others we trust. We can also recover from perceived threats without too much impact. Sometimes, overwhelming events, or lack of attunement from others in our early life can interrupt this natural regulatory system. This results in traumatic residue that is stored in the body and can impact our thinking, feeling, or sensing abilities. Sometimes this shows up as chronic tension, anxiety, insomnia, hypervigilance or a lack of presence.

In this class we will learn how the nervous system functions and explore ways to recognize the inherent healthy impulses that are geared towards regulation. These can be subtle and easily overridden. Please be in a room with a window and have a picture of a loved one, either human or animal.

Tara Detwiler was introduced to Rolfing when she was 20 years old…

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