Explore where, when and how your movements begin with Feldenkrais®

Sunday, July 30, with Maria Meindl, 11:00am-1:00pm ET, $40
on Zoom

In a typical Feldenkrais lesson, you may find elements that are familiar from Yoga, Martial Arts, and even more strenuous forms of exercise. But Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons have a special purpose. They are designed to help bring attention to your habits, patterns and possibilities. 

Among many other questions, we will explore where, when and how movements begin. What parts do you mobilize to create a movement? Do you make extra efforts? Do you use the support available to you? And what role does breathing have to play in all this? 

The subtle movements in this workshop will make it accessible to people living with movement restrictions and chronic pain, but it will also be of interest to athletes, dancers, and anyone wanting to give themselves an edge in high-performance situations. 

Maria Meindl

Maria Meindl became fascinated by the simplicity and power of The Feldenkrais Method in the early 1980s.

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