Experiencing ourselves in movement

Behind the Gare St Lazare by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Wednesday, April 12, with Peter Blackaby, 1:00pm-3:00pm ET, $45
on Zoom

Life is multi sensorial. A child held in the arms of a parent experiences a homogenous impression of the moment. If we walk in the woods something similar occurs – a gestalt, not a set of separate impressions. Movement is the same. When we move from one situation to another, there are many factors that make up the experience. Was it comfortable? Did we accelerate and decelerate the movements smoothly? Is our breathing free and easy? In the practice of yoga, we are interested in the whole perception of our movements with the intention of creating greater harmony and integration. These are the themes we will explore in this class.

Peter Blackaby

Pete Blackaby is a yoga teacher and osteopath based in Brighton, UK, and the author of the book, Intelligent Yoga. His outlook and approach encompass the complex relationship among things and the way perception influences everything.

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