A musical evening with Turkwaz to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EMYS

Turkwaz group

Saturday, June 8, 7:00pm, at the Studio
$35 in advance and at the door

Jayne Brown, Maryem Tollar, Sophia Grigoriadis, and Brenna MacCrimmon are the four women of Turkwaz. They have been called, “Toronto’s finest world music artists” and are bringing their rousing voices and rhythms to the Studio for this live performance. 

 They play exotic instruments beautifully, but their primary focus is singing, full-on, a beautiful presentation of the cultural material they sing. The instruments they play are used for lively and clear accompaniment, and their voices will fill the Studio with gorgeous sound. 

“Turkwaz are a revelation – whether they are making you dance or making you long for loves lost, the music is of the highest calibre, played deftly and with spirit and joy. Though the songs are in languages I don’t speak, the artistry of the band members is such that the sense of the lyrics come through. What a performance!” Candace Shaw, Shelter Valley Festival