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Dear Monica and Tama,
I so wanted to write to express my appreciation to you both for creating such a beautiful and rich yoga community. I appreciate so much the deep commitment, integrity and wealth of knowledge that you each bring to the co creation of such a vibrant community!

The recent workshop with Peter Blackaby was wonderful and such a great example of that!

I have felt so fortunate to be able to have the excellent training opportunities that you have offered.

Susan Macphail

We loved the combination of useful information and suggestions in the Labour Preparation workshop, and the style of delivery – a combination of a calming, knowledgable, non-bossy nurturing style. We appreciated that the workshop focused on the role and feelings of the coach.

Mira and Brian

Hi Monica,

That was a wonderful, challenging, informative, and reassuring Labour Preparation session! Thanks so much.

I would like to express my deep appreciation regarding the great workshop today.
Valeria Blumenkranz’s ability to simplify the scientific terms and apply them to the yoga practice is an excellent model for us as a teacher.
Thanks again for providing such a high standard of learning environment for us.
Firozeh Kabiri

I want to thank you so much for the Empowering the Aging Body weekend which I felt was outstanding. We are really fortunate to have found EM studio. The arc of the learning is interesting. Friday was so stimulating, all of it was wonderful. Some of the learning was gentle, some of it was startling. Things seep through and then a year later, they seep through more securely and who knows what could happen a year from now? The feeling of feeling full but sensing there is still lots more room, is wonderful.

Shari Stein

I really enjoyed your Hands-on Assisting workshop. I feel much more confident in doing assists in those poses. Thank you for your lovely and stimulating teaching!

Marie Rahman

Thank you both so much for The Power of Touch intensive this past weekend. I was so much more capable after over a year of training to “take in” both the abstract and the concrete application of hands on assisting. I was left with a good sense of what practice in hands on assisting can add to my teaching. What an amazing learning opportunity under your combined wisdom and with all of the teachers and teachers in training that participated.

I am grateful and honoured to study under your direction.

Jeanette Slinger

Pre and Post Natal Teacher Training
It was wonderful for me to take part in a workshop where the teacher draws on so many years of experience. The workshop certainly took away all my fears and trepidations about teaching pregnant women.

Marina Quattrocchi

Tama and Monica, my thanks to you both for The Power of Touch Weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. I had never been to your Studio and I was pleasantly surprised by its comfortable, modest atmosphere and felt very ‘at home’ in your space.

All of the students were interesting, kind and considerate. It was helpful to change partners often, allowing participants to interact with new people and to experience adjustments on different body types.

Class discussions were insightful and thought provoking. The curriculum covered was manageable in the time allotted. There was generous time for discussion. We never felt rushed to complete the course.

Thanks again for a positive weekend.

Carol Phillips

Thanks for the opportunity to attend today’s Body, Breath, Voice workshop with Fides Krucker. Both content and facilitator were incredible in involving each of us in our own unique way. I do hope you will offer this material again and please put me on the list to attend.

Sybil Wilkinson

Thank you for presenting the Feldenkrais workshop.  After three hours of very small, slow movements my body felt very soft today (day after). I appreciated the expanded information on Feldenkrais and found it accessible through my yoga practice. Pulling back slowly to the first indication of a movement is a valuable learning tool for awareness.  These are just a couple of my thoughts on the very detailed and informed presentation.

Jeanette Slinger

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