Anatomy for Yoga Teachers, with Mariko Tanabe

Mariko Tanabe
A Body-Mind Centering® Approach
Friday, November 30 – Sunday, December 2, 2018

Friday, November 30
Embodying the Skeletal System in Motion
Your skeletal system creates the living structure and architecture of your body. It gives us form, protection for our organs, and the ability to move effortlessly. Explore the dynamic embryological development of the bones, and how this can inform your movement. Deepen your ability to differentiate the skeleton of your central axis from that of your upper and lower limbs and discover ways to support the efficiency and clarity of your movement. Learn ways to work with touch to deepen the embodiment of your bones, enabling you to find more grounding and flexibility through your whole body.

Part 1- Introduction to the Skeletal System
at 918 Bathurst Street, The Great Hall, $90
Learn about the composition of the bones, embryological development of the skeletal system, and the axial and appendicular skeleton.

Part 2 – Axial and Appendicular Skeleton
 at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, 390 Dupont St, Suite 203, $75
We will apply the integration of the axial and appendicular skeleton to movement practice through Body-Mind Centering® principals of movement and touch.

Saturday, December 1
Exploring Sensory Presence in Your Practice

Our primary sense organs enable us to hear, see, taste and smell. They enable us to sense touch and movement throughout our bodies, while they inform us of our internal and external environments. Sensory awareness exists throughout the whole body, from the membranes of our living cells to the body’s various tissues, including skin, muscles, bones, organs, glands, and blood. Learn ways to solicit the support of your sensory awareness to move beyond old habits, release tension, more fully inhabit the body, and heighten your ability to sense and to be in relationship with others.  

Part 1 – Introduction to the Senses
at 918 Bathurst Street, The Great Hall, $90
Experience gravity and space by exploring the vestibular system through movement and touch, yielding the weight of the body and proprioception.

Part 2 – Engaging with the Primary Sense Organs: The Nose, Eyes, Ears and Mouth
at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, $75
Experience spatial orientation and the applications of sensory awareness to your practice.

Sunday, December 2
Embodying the Muscular System
The muscles make up the largest system of tissue in the body. In relationship with the skeletal system, the muscles establish a tensile three-dimensional grid for balanced movement while providing us with vitality, strength, resistance and power. Through movement, touch and meditation, we will experience the muscles as a whole-body system, resourced from their embryological development. Explore muscular proprioception and muscle tissue movement at the molecular level. Learn specific methods of touch for muscle re-education, all to support the freedom and movement of this resilient and powerful system.

Part 1 – Introduction to Muscle Tissue and Principles
at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, $90
Embryological development of muscle tissue in the body and muscle movement at the molecular level.

Part 2 – Muscle Movement at the Molecular Level
at Esther Myers Yoga Studio, $75
We will work with touch for muscle re-education and integration.

Mariko Tanabe is inspired by the healing powers of human movement and expression. She is a Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and the director of the licensed BMCSM training program in Quebec. She teaches workshops to dance companies and at universities, art centers and schools throughout the world and maintains a private practice working with individuals from all backgrounds. She is also an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Yoga teacher, and an ISMETA Registered Somatic Therapist and Educator. Currently based in Montreal, Mariko has been performing and presenting her choreographic works for over 25 years in Asia, Europe, and North America. For 12 years she worked with American dance master Erick Hawkins in NYC as a principal dancer and teacher.

Body-Mind Centering® (BMCSM) is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and consciousness with an almost unlimited number of areas of application. It is an experiential study based on anatomical, physiological, psychophysical and developmental principles developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. BMC utilizes movement, touch, voice, imagery, anatomical illustrations and discussion to explore each body system in ways that can be applied to personal development and professional (BMC in Canada)

Cost: $450 Full weekend, $165/day
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place. Within 2 weeks of this event, please pay in full.

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